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Test & Pool 4 Way Test Strips

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QUICK TEST - Rigo 4 way Strips are much more faster, sharper and efficient than liquid testing kits.. Our strips last longer, making them easier to handle, return high accuracy, non-fading color charts.

4 WAY STRIP - This kit includes XX pool test strips, which will last 2-3 months testing 2-3 times per week. Save time with our long lasting 4 way strip.

4-IN-1 CHEMICAL TESTING - Test for Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH, and Cyanuric Acid. These four tests are the most essential for keeping your pool, spa or hot tub water crystal clear. 

DIVE IN & SWIM CAREFREE - Relax into your pool or spa’s sparkling clean water. These testing strips provide a reliable, accurate reading in seconds so you can enjoy your next swim, stress-free.