OEM 5 Hot Tub (Plug & Play)

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The Rigo Hot Tub OEM range has been crafted to perfection. 

Extreme efficiency, spacious seating designs and phenomenal build
quality, ensure these high spec manufactured hot tubs stay
ahead of the rest. 

Our plug and play range means you can simply plug the hot tub into a standard GFCI protected home outlet. 


Capacity: 3 Person - 1 sitting + 2 loungers
Size: 200 x 160 x 78cm
Weight: 200KG/1710KG with water
Jets:  23
Controls: Gecko InY2 + K300
Music:  Bluetooth
Electrical Supply Required: 220V/50HZ
Heater: 2KW/220-240VAC
Pumps: 1 x 3 HP Dual Speed speed
Circulation Pump: No
Lighting Jets: 23
Insulation:  Yes
Ozone:  Yes
LED Lighting:  Yes
Included Subwoofer:  No
Aromatherapy:  No


    Hot Tub Controls Gecko InY2 + K300

    The in.k300 brings all the features you really need to one keypad. Compact, with a big LCD screen; bright enough to be seen throughout the day; simple enough to use in the middle of the night; affordable, yet solidly built.

    Compact full-function keypad

    All settings and spa function icons available at a glance to set your spa in the blink of an eye.

    Bright LCD screen

    Bright and large, the LCD screen allows an easy setting of the temperature, winter modes and other functions.


    Everything you need in one back to basics solution

    Acrylic Color Options

    Sterling Silver Hot Tub ColourMidnight City Skirting Colour

    Elite Skirting

    Ash Elite Skirting