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Commercial Hot Tubs - Two Sizes Available

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The perfect addition to your holiday home

Add a touch of class and luxury with a Rigo Hot Tubs holiday let hot tub, whilst ensuring you stay within the parameters of the HSG282 guidelines.

  • Increase your occupancy
  • and revenue with one of our commercial hot tubs
  • 4 and 6 seaters available
  • Minimalist design
  • Tamper-proof control panel
  • In-line chemical dosing
  • HSG282 compliant
  • Quick heating and quick draining
  • Plug & Play and 32AMP available
  • No headrests or diverters to get broken

A hot tub is a perfect addition to the following business types:

Holiday Cottages/Villas, Holiday Parks, B&B’s,
Leisure Parks, Luxury Retreats and Glamping Parks.

Proven to increase occupancy and revenue by up to
60%, adding a hot tub to your business is a no brainer.
Our range of holiday hot tubs are specifically designed for
heavy usage.

Their robust but minimalistic design perfectly
compliments any garden, decking or outdoor area.
Our holiday range now includes WiFi as standard so that
home/site/park owners can monitor the status and access
the settings of their hot tubs from anywhere in the world!


Jets: 31
Litres: 1495
Pumps: 3 Gecko™ EU / 3.0 HP
Electrical: 32 amp
Water Flow: 225 GPM / 110 GPM
Controls: Gecko™ K362 Digital Topside Control

Gecko™ EU Pump
Confer™ Gray Skirting
Chemical Feeder
Circulation Pump
SimpleClear™ UV-C WP
ABS Bottom-Wrap
RMAX® Insulation

Acrylic Color Options

Elite Skirting

Ash Elite Skirting