AquaSparkle Bromine Tablets 1kg

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Product description :

AquaSPArkle bromine tablets are ideal for continuous sanitising at the high water temperatures used in hot tubs.

These tablets are slow dissolving to produce free active bromine which will effectively kill bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms at the high water temperatures found in a hot tub.

Use these tablets in a floating dispenser and maintain a bromine level of 3 -5 mg/l (ppm) to keep your spa water safe, sparkling clean and bacteria-free.


  • Test the bromine level regularly and adjust the dispenser to give a constant bromine residual of 3 – 5 mg/l (ppm). (The bromine level can be reduced to 1 - 2 mg/l (ppm) if these tablets are used in conjunction with the ecoONE enzymes.)
  • Check the pH value regularly and maintain a pH level between 7.2 - 7.6 to ensure that these tablets continue to sanitise effectively.